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Frequently Asked Questions

We’d love to answer any question you have about us and the way we work. So if your question doesn’t appear here, please get in touch directly.

What can I donate?2019-06-24T10:29:47+01:00

We’d love all your clean adults and children’s clothes as well as shoes in pairs. Underwear and socks are very welcome, as are accessories like belts and handbags. We’re also keep to get our hands on your curtains and bedding (provided it’s in a good condition) as well as soft toys and perfumes.

What can’t I donate?2019-06-24T10:30:26+01:00

It’s a no thank you to any soiled or dirty clothes. We’re also not able to take bric-a-brac, duvets, pillows, plastic toys or electrical items.

How often do you distribute bags?2019-06-24T10:31:38+01:00

We generally visit an area every 5 to 6 weeks. After all, we don’t want to bombard you! If you’d like to know exactly when we’ll be back just get in touch.

How long after distributing bags do you pick them up?2019-06-24T10:32:39+01:00

The bags you receive will be clearly marked with the collection day. But, as a general rule, we collect 2 to 3 days after distribution.

What time do you collect bags?2019-06-24T10:33:15+01:00

Your dedicated Your Donation team will collect your bag any time from 8am to 5pm, so please get your bag out there first thing.

Where should I leave my bag?2019-06-24T10:33:49+01:00

It’s really useful for us if we can see your bag clearly from the road, so please make sure it’s visible.

I can’t fit all my clothes in the bag you’ve provided, what should I do?2019-06-24T10:34:20+01:00

We’d love to pick up more than one bag! Simply put any excess clothing in an additional bag and tie it to the original – or leave a note for us!

My bag wasn’t collected, what should I do?2019-06-24T10:36:10+01:00

We do our very best to collect every bag that’s left for us, but occasionally they’re missed. If that’s the case, please just call the number on the bag – or get in touch using our form – and we’ll arrange collection for another day.

Do you collect bags from my location on the same day every week?2019-06-24T10:36:58+01:00

No, we’ll only be collecting from your address once – and that collection will be on the day stated on your bag. So, for example, if you receive your bag on a Monday and the bag indicates that collection will be on a Thursday, that means we’ll only be coming back 3 days later to pick it up. But don’t worry if you’ve missed your collection date – simply get in touch on the number on your bag or using our contact form and we’ll come and grab it!

I can’t donate this time, what should I do with the bag?2019-06-24T10:38:07+01:00

If you can’t give us anything this time, but would like to do so in future, please just hang on to the unused bag and pop it into the new one (along with your pre-loved items) next time we visit. You’ll usually only have to wait 5 or 6 weeks.
If you’re not planning to donate at all, you can recycle the bag or use it as a bin liner, but please remember to turn it inside out, so as not to confuse bin collectors.

Is Boot Out Breast Cancer charity bag genuine?2019-06-24T10:39:29+01:00

If you receive a plastic charity bag like the one pictured through your letterbox you can be assured that you are helping to support Boot Out Breast Cancer Charity via clothing recycling scheme.

Boot Out Breast Cancer Charity Bag
Boot Out Breast Cancer Plastic Envelope
Boot Out Breast Cancer Clothes Bag
Is Troop Aid charity collection bag genuine?2019-06-24T10:40:21+01:00

If you receive a plastic charity bag like the one pictured through your letterbox you can be assured that you are helping to support Troop Aid Charity via clothing recycling scheme.

Troop Aid Charity collection bag
Troop Aid Charity collection envelope
Troop Aid Charity clothes collection bag
Is your bag recyclable?2019-06-24T10:41:52+01:00

Yes, all our bags are made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which is one of the most commonly recycled plastics around the world.

I don’t want to receive charity bags, what should I do?2019-06-24T10:28:13+01:00

Due to changes in the Code of Fundraising Practice, you’re now entitled to inform us that you don’t want to receive our bags (though of course we hope you won’t!) Simply get in touch by phone or email or using our contact form and we’ll make sure that we don’t deliver any bags to your address.

Who are Your Donation?2020-06-25T10:55:13+01:00

We’re a clothes collection company with 10 years’ experience of door-to-door collections. In that time, we’ve raised over £1.4