Make A Difference With Your Donation

When you’re constantly juggling work, life and sleep, it’s incredibly difficult to find the time to do the right thing with that pile of pre-loved clothes you’ve removed from your wardrobe. We make your life easier by picking them up – and donating the profits from their sale to our amazing partner charities.

Raise much needed funds for incredible causes

We’ve been collecting your pre-loved clothes and textiles to raise funds for good causes for over years. And since 2010 we’ve raised over £1.4 million for our partner charities.

They receive a minimum of £100 for every tonne of clothing we collect – around 82% of the proceeds – so you know that everything you donate really does make a difference.

Help reduce environmental impact on our beautiful planet

By donating your clothes, you’re not just helping those in need. You’re also reducing the carbon footprint of the clothes themselves. From those much-loved jeans that have seen better days to that never-worn Christmas jumper, every item you donate will be used again.

Most of your pre-loved clothes are gorgeous so we find them new homes in Europe, Africa or Asia – but even your moth-eaten t-shirts can be reused as rags and polishing wipes.
No landfill in site!


Dedicated, experienced and trusted fundraisers

We’ve been in the fundraising business for a while, so we know exactly what works for you when it comes to door-to-door collections. We’re registered with the Fundraising Regulator and are committed to giving you – and our partner charities – the best possible service.
Our dedicated teams distribute 700,000 bags every month, and give you two or three days to fill them before collection day – which is clearly marked on your bag. Just leave them outside in a visible position and we’ll do the rest.

About Your Donation

About Your Donation

We make it easy to donate your pre-loved clothes, helping our inspirational partner charities and reducing your impact on our beautiful planet.

Our dedicated teams distribute 700,000 bags around the UK every month, and collect them (full of your clothes and textiles) on your designated collection day.

All our vans are equipped with GPS tracking, so we’re able to provide real-time updates and monitoring. And our dedicated and friendly team is always ready to answer your questions or help arrange a collection.

Once we’ve collected your items, we sort and export them to Europe, Asia and Africa, giving them a new home and ensuring they don’t end up as landfill.

Combining 10 years’ experience with a commitment to best practice, we fundraise for our partner charities through the door-to-door collection of your pre-loved clothes and textiles.

For every tonne of clothing we collect, our partner charities receive a minimum of £100, helping them raise valuable funds without any investment or effort. And by helping your clothes find new homes, you reduce their environmental impact.

Funds raised so far

£142K for Boot Out Breast Cancer
£329K for Troop Aid Charity
£360K for The Fire Fighters Charity
£620K for other charities since 2010

*correct figures on end of May 2020

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